“Inspired collaboration to advance the quality of patient care.”

Our Purpose?

To produce, manage and facilitate executive forums focused on healthcare challenges and solutions.

Just Another Healthcare Conference?


It’s true, hundreds of healthcare conferences, tradeshows, summits, forums and meetings take place each year serving every part of the industry and nearly every profession or function. So, what’s different about this one? For one, our decades of experience delivering value to executives from some of the world’s most influential organizations has convinced us that bigger isn’t always better. What we’ve heard repeatedly from program participants is that intimate, executive level gatherings where decision makers can collaborate with true peers are always better. Also, Healthcare Innovation Forums are designed by and for those we serve.  By interviewing top providers and industry executives who are focused on a specific initiative within in a geographic region, we identify the most pressing issues facing them today. Executives participating in this research form the Governing Board; their content becomes the foundation of the forums theme and agenda, ensuring a timely, relevant and valuable peer-to-peer exchange at the meeting.

The Governing Board serves as the official advisory group for Healthcare Innovation Forums. This group oversees a regional community of leaders committed to the advancement of patient-centered care. They also determine the theme and objective of the conference as well as all speaker and industry partner nominations. The purpose is to establish an invitation-only, peer-to-peer forum for top decision makers. Each Governing Board member contributes their insight and direction to develop the conference agenda.  Governing Board members include chief medical officers, chief surgeons and department heads from America’s leading hospitals and ambulatory surgery centers.  This group of esteemed colleagues serve as the collective voice for the industry.

Mission Driven.  Every member of the Governing Board contributes their valuable time, effort and insight because of their industry leading experience and passion for the issue taking center-stage at the forum.  The exchange of best practices and peer to peer collaboration is what makes this unique, different and value centered.

By Invitation Only. Our promise is that every attendee, speaker and sponsor is invited by

a Governing Board member. We do no advertising and all invitations are approved and extended by the board. Attendees cannot pay to attend and invited suppliers (underwriter’s) pay a sponsorship fee only if nominated and approved by the Board as a strategic, best-practice partner.

Delegate Criteria ensures relevant exchange. Strict criteria for all delegates, based on position and size of organization, is controlled through registration. This provides a peer-to-peer exchange found nowhere else among leaders struggling with the same issues in similar-sized organizations.

The Bottom Line? It’s All About Collaboration. The Healthcare Innovation Forums inspire peer to peer collaboration between top healthcare leaders. When the right people come together around an important topic like patient-centered care, great ideas and outcomes are realized.